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Release The Näcken!!

The NTH Näcken Renegade is one of the most beautiful (and unique) watches in my collection. The dial is mesmerizing, and much like a chameleon, changes depending on the angle of the light. The bezel action is spot on, and the movement has been rock solid at -1 second per day. Lastly, Mark at Serious Watches made the whole buying experience beyond positive. Will definitely buy from Serious Watches again!!

I have the number 04/99 !! Beautiful watch.

My third Nethuns, I’m very impressed by this watch design and versatility .
The dial is beautiful and the bronze case start to get a beautiful patina on it.

Beautiful watch with some strange design decisions

After some mishaps which were promptly resolved by SW staff I finally have my new watch. So far my impression of it is great however marred by some small irritating design decisions. So let me get those out of the way. First the strap that it came with looks and feels very cheap. Now the second strap, the Horween leather is much better but the problem is you can't replace the butterfly clasp with normal buckle. I mean the quick release is a good thing on a strap but not on a buckle. And this brings me to the second issue the butterfly clasp. Why someone from Zelos decided that PVD gold clasp will go well together with bronze case is beyond me. So I didn't like either the strap or the clasp and that was my biggest issue which fortunately is easily fixed. The other thing that kind of irks me is the lume on the hands. Why did they make the lume roughly the same size for the minute and hour hand. I'm almost sure that the minute's hand is actually shorter than the hour hand which is very confusing at night. Anyway this is a small issue since I didn't buy it for the great lume. And lastly the crown is not very easy to grip despite being square but again not a big issue. Now onto the good stuff. The skeleton design is just amazing, the Zelos logo is just right with minimal imprint on the watch and you just can't take your eyes of of it. One thing that really impresses me is that it has a very loud ticking sound. I can hear it even in the office from 20-30cm. I find it very relaxing to listen to its beat. So far it's very accurate within few seconds a day. Overall a great design and great value with just those small few issues that just can't let it be 5 star. If it was possible I would've given it 4.5 but alas I have to choose between 5 and 4.

ocean x shark 1000

excellent dans tous les domaines

A great bronze diver!!

Another great tool watch from Nethuns! I own three of their watches now and this one accompanies me more often than not when I'm diving. Great bezel action and very legible (especially under water). As for the lads at Serious Watches, what can I say? There's a reason I've bought my last three watches from them. You can't find anyone better that I'm sure!!