June 24, 2019

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As Joe Cocker would say… Summer is in the city and that also means adjusting your wrist companion to something suitable for sunny skies, hot temperatures and showing off a little bit. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 watches that are a guaranteed hit for this time of year!


OceanX Sharkmaster-V VSMS511 – Standing out

Yellow gold is back! While it was a massive faux-pas to wear gold during the recession, the economy is now booming and you’re allowed to show off a little again. The VSMS511 is just the watch for the job and the best part is: you will not have to go heavily in debt to do so.

The trick is that the watch is not solid gold, but the gorgeous yellow gold shine comes from a durable PVD coating. PVD, Physical Vapour Deposition, these days is nothing like the poor-quality coatings that used to be on watches. Rather, it’s very durable and any scratch that would go through the coating would leave significant damage on a ‘regular’ steel watch as well. So you can now have a watch that stands out tremendously without having to worry about anything taking your shine.

The Sharkmaster-V also has some very nice horological merits to boot. The basic specifications to give you an impression: a mechanical (automatic) Made in Japan SII NH35 movement, sapphire glass, a ceramic bezel, 500 meter water resistance and a very comfortable, solid bracelet. That also means you will not have to take off your watch when you jump the pool or enjoy some adventures in the jacuzzi.

It does take some confidence to wear this watch, but if you are right person, this watch will definitely complete your look!

Zelos Horizons GMT Slate Grey – World traveler

Summer means going on holiday for a lot of people and when you’re enjoying a foreign country you may wonder what time it is back home. This Zelos Horizons GMT has just the right feature for that situation: a GMT complication (the 24 hour hand can be set individually in 30 minute steps with the crown in the second position), which will allow you to keep track of a different time zone with ease. This complication is powered by a stunning Swiss Made ETA 2893 Elaboré mechanical (automatic) movement, with custom rotor, that is visible through the caseback window.

The watch is also very well equipped for your adventures when abroad due to the sapphire bezel (which is bi-directional), sapphire glass, 200m water resistance and 2 great straps (rubber for the pool and leather for dinners – check!).

The amazing grey dial shines beautifully in the sun and the C3 X1 Swiss Superluminova ensures you can still see what time it is around the world at night.

Zelos makes high quality watches with incredible value for money, so if you want a mechanical GMT watch, this is most likely one of the most affordable options out there. We think it’s definitely one of the  most beautiful ones!

Spinnaker Tesei SP-5061-02 – Lightweight but still packing a punch

When it’s hot you ideally want to have little to worry about and this Spinnaker Tesei is just the right watch. The case is made of solid titanium, which makes the watch lightweight: a mere 80 grams. You will barely notice the watch around your wrist. The strap is also just the right choice: a military-spec cordura strap with a titanium buckle, that is very durable and of course water resistant.

Speaking of water resistance; the watch has everything you need to go swimming: a water resistance rating of 200 meters, C5 Super-LumiNova, sapphire glass and a ceramic bezel insert. You will not have to worry about anything that summer can throw at you!

All those technical specifications aside, the watch is a looker as well. The lovely dark blue dial matches phenomenally with the orange accents on the watch and the grey hue of the titanium case. At 43mm (excluding crown) it has just the right amount of width to stand out, without compromising comfort (for most wrist sizes). Of course, the watch has a mechanical movement; under the hood you will find a mechanical (automatic) Miyota 8215 movement.

Whether you’re a serious diver, a recreational swimmer or just want a great watch for the summer, the Tesei is the watch for you!

Orient RA-AA0009L – Budget friendly

The most budget friendly watch of this top 5 is the Orient RA-AA0009L. Orient has a reputation for offering an incredible amount of value for money and this watch is no different. It’s one of Orient’s latest diving/swimming watches and fits in line with the Mako, Ray, Kamasu but most of all the Mako XL model line.

The case’s 44mm diameter (excluding crown) and 50mm lug-to-lug distance do mean it’s a bigger watch, but the 13mm thickness and elegant case design do ensure it retains comfort. The watch also features Orient’s recent Cal. F6922 automatic movement (fully made in Japan), 200m water resistance and a great unidirectional diving bezel.

The best part of the watch however is how beautiful and stylish it looks. It has a gorgeous, deep blue dial that shines in the sun and dims down during normal lighting. It’s stylish, sophisticated and looks a lot more expensive than the watch actually is.

You can never go wrong with Orient!

BOLDR Odyssey BronzeBlue – Letting your journeys add patina

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without a little bronze. We’re one of the biggest stockists of bronze watches and in our opinion, no collection is complete without at least 1 bronze watch. Bronze has the great benefit of developing a natural patina, which gives it a nice vintage or worn look. Plus, from a more philosophical point of view all your journeys add a little bit of patina to the watch so it will be a great reminder of where you have been and all of your experiences.

But let’s keep things simple for the sake of the summer and have a look at the watch itself. BOLDR is a premier micro brand that offers a phenomenal amount of quality for a very reasonable amount of money. The way BOLDR operates definitely transcends what you’d normally associate with micro brands. You will find this in how the watch is presented and in the finishing level.

This BronzeBlue features an automatic, Made in Japan, SII NH35 movement, sapphire glass, 500 (!) meter water resistance with a Helium Escape Valve and a CuSn8 unidirectional bezel. The watch also comes with 2 straps: 1 supple rubber strap for any water activities and a Horween leather strap for a dressier look (although it will always be a serious looking piece!). The stunning, deep blue dial shines in the sun and contrasts very nicely with bronze; both when brand new and when you’ve developed a nice patina.


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