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When you purchase a watch it might not be exactly as you want it yet. The bracelet can be too long or you might want a different strap altogether. Many of these things you can do yourself! Of course we are always willing to help you (or you could visit a jeweler), but it can be a lot of fun to do these things yourself. To assist you, we've made some YouTube clips.
We're always working on more clips and we'll inform you through Twitter and Facebook whenever a new one becomes available. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, we're always willing to help!

Do note, if you encounter a problem or when in doubt, always ask for help.

Replacing a leather watch strap. Difficulty: :

Installing a NATO strap on your watch. Difficulty: :

Shortening a metal bracelet. Difficulty: :

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Awesome !!

This is my very 1st Zelos watch and have been waiting for it for ages to arrive and have not been disappointed, dont be put off by thinking its too big, I was surprised how small it wears with the L- L dimension, its heavy sure but can always bust out the rubber strap which is super high quality, all in all really pleased with purchase no wonder Zelos has almost a cult following now as the value for money and designs are awesome, this wont be the last Zelos I buy from SW, Mark as always is a pleasure to deal with as if in doubt I just ask his honest opinion. Keep up the great work !! - Nick.

Perfect !

Great service and great Watch.

Perfect !

Great service and great Watch.

Awesome watch !


This watch is my dream. I hope that this model keep always on.