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When you purchase a watch it might not be exactly as you want it yet. The bracelet can be too long or you might want a different strap altogether. Many of these things you can do yourself! Of course we are always willing to help you (or you could visit a jeweler), but it can be a lot of fun to do these things yourself. To assist you, we've made some YouTube clips.
We're always working on more clips and we'll inform you through Twitter and Facebook whenever a new one becomes available. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, we're always willing to help!

Do note, if you encounter a problem or when in doubt, always ask for help.

Shortening a metal bracelet. Difficulty: :

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Installing a nato strap on your watch. Difficulty: :

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Replacing a leather watch strap. Difficulty: :

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You can find the manuals for nearly all Orient watches on their site.


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689 reviews
Very nice watch and perfect buy

I found this website with a google search and browsing through I get stuck by this watch with a nice vintage look for an homage watch (red marking and cream marker are a go for me)... It was an instant buy even if I did not know anything about the brand and was not able to find any complete review on the web. It took 3 days for delivery to my place and the parcel was full of gifts and nicely gift wrapped (a very nice and appreciate attention).
I was not disappointed at all by the watch: it feels solid and heavy; all the surfaces are nicely brushed with only a tiny touch of polish on the edges. The lum are more than correct with 2 different colours (blue and green) for the bezel numbers and the applied markers. The domed sapphire glass allows for nice reflections. My only minor criticism would be for the red triangle that could have been more vivid and filled with red/orange lum...
The bracelet is also of very good quality (screw links allowing for easy adjustment), but as already mentioned by another review (on the no date version) the weakest point is the clasp itself: press metal that fill really very cheap...
In conclusion I will definitely buy more from SeriousWatch...

Everything fine

Nice watch and excellent service. Many thanks.

Very satisfied

This is my second Lava from and my 5th purchase as well , that should tell the quality of service I get from them , thanks again Mark !

Quality timepiece at great price!

This is my 6th purchase from SW and still counting and looking forward to my next purchase. This quality of this watch is great, sapphire glass, ceramic bezel, solid steel bracelet with screw links, etc... The price for this watch is a no brainer. If you are looking for a chrono watch, I recommend you to consider this. Once again, I would like to thank Mark for providing the top notch service! It is always a pleasant experience dealing with Mark and SW!

Ventus Mori special edition

Piece arrived amazingly quickly, something like 72 hours after ordering. Well packed, well presented with nice extra straps etc. The watch is of course the main course... And it’s wonderful, the green and brass combination is in my eyes beautiful and ticks all the boxes for me. I would prefer the crown to be slightly larger but that’s a nit pick really.