Shipping & Payment


Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide, all around the world. The sole exception are countries that have sanctions/restrictions or locations where UPS, FedEx and DHL don't deliver.  

Which courier do you use?

We use UPS, FedEx or DHL for all of our shipments. The sole exception is the Netherlands, where we use our country's courier, PostNL.  Please note that watch straps and other accessories are sent out without a tracking code, through regular mail unless you pay for Express Shipping.  

Where is SeriousWatches based?

We are based in the Netherlands. Both with our office and our warehouse. All products that we sell are in stock and sent from our own warehouse.  

When will I receive my package? 
Every business day PostNL, FedEx,  DHL and UPS collect packages from our warehouse. If you place (and pay for) an order before 3PM (Amsterdam/Paris time) we will be able to send out your watch on the same business day. Orders placed during the weekend will be sent out on the following Monday. The shipping time depends on your exact location (rural areas can take a bit longer than built-up environments). We have a table below with a general indication of the shipping times. If you want to be absolutely sure about your delivery time, please don't hesitate to contact us with your address information so we can check the estimated delivery date.
Please also note that accessories and parts will be shipped via registered (where possible) postal mail, which may have a longer delivery time.
Australia 3-9 business days
Austria 2-3 business days
Belgium 1-2 business days
Bulgaria 2-4 business days
Canada 2-4 business days
Croatia 2-4 business days
Denmark 2-3 business days
Estonia 2-4 business days
Finland 2-5 business days
France 2-3 business days
Germany 2-3 business days
Greece 3-5 business days
Hong Kong 2-5 business days
Hungary 2-5 business days
Ireland 2-4 business days
Italy 2-4 business days
Japan 3-5 business days
Malaysia 2-5 business days
Norway 2-4 business days
Poland 2-4 business days
Portugal 2-4 business days
Singapore 2-5 business days
Slovakia 3-5 business days
Slovenia 3-5 business days
Spain 2-4 business days
Sweden 2-4 business days
Switzerland 2-4 business days
Thailand 3-5 business days
The Netherlands 1 day
United Arab Emirates 3-5 business days
United Kingdom 2-3 business days
United States 2-5 business days

Is it possible to have my package delivered on a Saturday? 
At present, we don't offer Saturday deliveries outside of the Netherlands.
What are the shipping costs?
Worldwide shipping is always free with SeriousWatches! We only use premium couriers, UPS, FedEx and DHL (PostNL within the Netherlands), but we will never charge you extra for this.
What is Express shipping? 
To some countries we are able to offer Express Shipping at a €15 surcharge. With Express shipping the watch will still be sent out on the same day as with regular, free shipping, but we will upgrade UPS/FedEx/DHL Standard to UPS/FedEx/DHL Express. That means your package will usually arrive either the next business day or the day after - it will reach you quicker than with free shipping.
Can you deliver to my PO Box? 

Since we use UPS, FedEx and DHL, who require a signature upon deliver, we are unable to deliver to PO boxes.  

Will I get a tracking code? 

Absolutely! We only use quality carriers that use tracking (and insurance) for shipments. You will automatically receive a tracking code from the carrier and a confirmation e-mail from our webshop at the end of the day, once the package has been collected from our warehouse.  Please note that watch straps and other accessories are sent out without a tracking code, through regular mail.  

Can I collect my order from your office?  

Absolutely! If you are able to come by our office in the Netherlands, you are welcome to collect your package in person. Please do note that we don't have stock available in our showroom, so if you'd like to visit us and see the watches of your choice, please make an appointment with us beforehand.  


New VAT changes in the European Union from July 1st 2021

Starting July 1st new VAT changes have come into effect in the European Union. If you live in a country that is not part of the EU, this will not affect you and the VAT is still deducted during checkout. 

The European Union has made some changes with how VAT is handled with trade between countries. Prior to July 1st our local VAT (21% in the Netherlands) would be applied to every purchase within the European Union. Whether the order would be shipped to Germany, Belgium or Ireland, the price would be the same. 

Since July 1st we are however legally forced to charge your local VAT percentage. This percentage can differ per country and you can find a full list here. As a business we will pay your local VAT and this tax is submitted to your country's tax agency. 

How will you notice this? If your country's VAT percentage is 21% then you will not notice anything and you will pay the price as listed on our website. If your local VAT percentage is different then the price will change accordingly during checkout. The price excluding VAT will remain the same, but the added tax will change the total sum. 


Your local VAT % Price on our site  Price excluding VAT Price at checkout
21% €100 €82.64 €100
18% €100 €82.64 €97.52
19% €100 €82.64 €98.34
20% €100 €82.64 €99.17
22% €100 €82.64 €100.82
23% €100 €82.64 €101.65
25% €100 €82.64 €103.30
27% €100 €82.64 €104.95

You may have seen the same thing happening when you order from sites like Amazon and you will see it a lot more often in the European Union. We will not be earning a penny more on your order, but solely pay more (or less) taxes. 

We fully realise this is a confusing change. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in any way or to help clarify. 

Which payment options do you offer?  

We offer the following payment methods: Credit card, PayPal, Bancontact, bank transfers, iDeal, Sofortbanking and Cash on Delivery to certain countries.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes! We now offer credit card as one of our payment opions. It is also possible to add your credit card to your Paypal account and pay that way.
Can I pay in a different currency?

As standard our website will automatically display the prices in your local currency based on your location. If you wish to pay in a different currency, we're happy to send you an invoice in a currency that you prefer. Just contact our team and we'll be very happy to assist you with this!

Can I pay by Cash on Delivery?  
We offer the Cash on Delivery payment method in certain countries. Currently CoD payment is available in most countries in the European Countries, such as Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden (limited to 3000SEK). It is not available outside of the European Union and if you select this payment method outside of the EU, your order will automatically be cancelled. If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to contact us prior to placing your order. 
With Cash on Delivery shipments you can pay in your local currency at the door in cash (the Euro amount is automatically converted - for example SEK in Sweden, BGN in Bulgaria and so on). Within the Netherlands we also use UPS for all CoD orders. We do have to charge a €15 surcharge because of the extra costs of CoD shipments.
Will there be any additional costs?  

Within the European Union - EU - our prices on our site include all possible costs/fees/taxes, shipping is also free. You will not be charged a penny at customs or otherwise. 

If you are based outside of the EU the VAT is deducted during checkout, but we are not responsible for any costs/fees/taxes your country's customs may impose.  

Do I need to pay VAT?  

Within the European Union - EU - all of the prices include include VAT. You will not pay a penny more than the price on our site. Outside of the EU the European VAT will automatically be deducted during the checkout (this price is displayed on our site in small letters with 'excluding EU VAT' next to the regular price). Do note that your delivery address needs to be outside of the EU for the VAT to be deducted. For more information about VAT outside of the EU, please see the information below.  

I live outside of the European Union, will I need to pay VAT?  

Outside of the EU you will not need to pay European VAT. All prices on our site include VAT for customers within the EU. Outside of the EU we are not legally forced to charge VAT. If you are based outside of the EU the VAT will be deducted during check out, or if you make an account and list your country. When using PayPal the VAT will be deducted before you actually pay (during the last review step). Please note that if you live outside of the EU and the VAT is deducted, we will not be responsible for any taxes/fees your country's customs charges. Please check with your country's customs if you have any questions or concerns about this.  

How about the United Kingdom and Brexit?  

From January 1st 2021 the UK has completely left the European Union, which means that for tax reasons it's similar to Norway and Switzerland. If you are from the UK, the VAT will be deducted during checkout, however you may be charged at your local customs. We highly recommend checking with your local customs about any taxes/duties/fees.