In 1912, a 25 year old Walter Vogt decided to make watchmaking history and followed his dream. Fortis was born.


Wearing a Fortis is wearing a piece of watchmaking history. 


In 1926 Walter Vogt joins forces with the inventor of the first automatic movement, John Harwood, to introduce the first ever self-winding, automatic wrist watch in the world. Fortis releases its first (and one of the worlds first) water-resistant watches: the Fortissimo. Later in the 1950's this was translated into the Fortis Marinemaster, their line of robust waterresistant watches. In the 60's, Rolf Vogt, son of the founder, is enthusiastic about the beginning space euphoria and travels to America. There he hands over to the still young NASA the first space watch Spacematic AR. Starting off a longlasting connection between Fortis and space travel. In September 1994, the Official Cosmonauts Chronograph performed it’s first mission in open space. Since then, Fortis has spent the most hours in open space – more than all other watch brands counted together.

Modern Times

In 2017 the Fortis brand and location was taken over by a private investor and Fortis fan, Mr. Jupp Philipp. Under the new management, Fortis is redefining the collections where design and functionality are the main focus points. Today Fortis is redefining the tool watch and creating another first in the industry: The first Tool Watch made of recycled steel. Since 2021, all their stainless steel watch cases are produced from recycled steel. Fortis is proving to still be a force to be reckoned with.

Why buy a Fortis watch?

Fortis is one of the most experienced watch brands when it comes to out of this world conditions. Do you really need a watch that is able to travel into space? The only answer is of course you do! With Fortis you buy a 100% Swiss Made watch, made by an independent family owned business, going strong since 1912 in the very same building in Grenchen. Wearing a Fortis is wearing a piece of watchmaking history. Fortis will keep working towards a bright future with many exciting new firsts.



Write history with Fortis