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Shipping and payment





Shipping and payment

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We ship watches all over the globe. We are based in the Netherlands, Europe, but we serve the world. Please note that the prices on our site include VAT. That means that within the EU you will not be charged any taxes/duties/fees at customs. If you are based outside of the EU the VAT will be deducted during checkout, which will work out to a price reduction of 17,36%. However we are not responsible for any taxes/fees/duties your country's customs may impose. 

How much are the shipping costs?
All our watches are shipped out for free. The prices on our site include worldwide shipping by UPS or FedEx (PostNL within the Netherlands). The only exception is Cash on Delivery, which we offer to a limited amount of countries, which demands a €9 surcharge. We ship out our watches with a tracking code and insurance. 

We also offer Express/Priority shipping to certain countries at a €9 surcharge. The benefit of this is that your watch will reach you quicker. All orders placed and paid for before 15:00 (Amsterdam/Paris time) on a business day will be shipped out on the same day, regardless of which form of shipping you choose.

Are there any extra costs/taxes I should expect?
We are based in the European Union and our prices include VAT. That means that within the EU you will not be charged any taxes/duties/fees at customs. If you are based outside of the EU the VAT will be deducted during checkout, which will work out to a price reduction of 17,36%. However we are not responsible for any taxes/fees/duties your country's customs may impose. 

Is Cash on Delivery also a payment option?
We currently offer Cash on Delivery shipping to: Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Sweden. Other countries may be possible as well, please contact us for more information. Do note that if you wish to pay by Cash on Delivery, extra shipping costs do apply (€9) as this service is much more expensive for us. If you are based in a non-Euro country, then the € Euro amount will automatically be converted to your local currently. In Sweden for example, you can pay in SEK.

When can I expect my watch?
We send out orders every business day. Orders placed and paid for before 15:00 (Amsterdam/Paris time) will be sent out on the same day. Within the Netherlands this means you will receive your watch the next day (aside from Sundays). Outside of the Netherlands packages can take slightly longer, please see the table below for an indication of the most common countries. If your country is not listed or you want a more precise estimate of the delivery date, please contact us. Express shipping may also be possible for you, at a surcharge, please contact us for more information. 
Australia 3-5 business days
Austria 2-3 business days
Belgium 1-2 business days
Bulgaria 2-4 business days
Canada 2-4 business days
Denmark 2-3 business days
Estonia 2-4 business days
Finland 2-5 business days
France 2-3 business days
Germany 2-3 business days
Greece 3-5 business days
Hong Kong 2-5 business days
Hungary 2-5 business days
Ireland 2-4 business days
Italy 2-4 business days
Japan 3-5 business days
Malaysia 2-5 business days
Norway 2-4 business days
Poland 2-4 business days
Portugal 2-4 business days
Singapore 2-5 business days
Spain 2-4 business days
Sweden 2-4 business days
Thailand 3-5 business days
The Netherlands 1 day
United Arab Emirates 3-5 business days
United Kingdom 2-3 business days
United States 2-5 business days
Please note this is an indication of the delivery times. Your watch may take longer due to delays with the courier or due to your location. 
We have all our watches in stock and do not do dropshipping. Should any issues arise from our side and we aren't able to send out the package within a reasonable period of time you will be offered the option of a full refund. 

Will I get a 'track & trace' code?
Yes! Despite worldwide shipping being free, we only use quality carriers such as UPS and FedEx with tracking and insurance. You will always receive the tracking code. As soon as your order is packaged up, our webstore will provide you with all the necessary information to track your parcel.
Please note that watch straps, Cape Cod polishing cloths and other accessories are sent out without a tracking code, through regular mail.

Which payment options do you offer?
Currently we offer the following payment options:
  • PayPal
  • Bancontact
  • Bank transfers
  • iDeal
  • Mr.Cash
  • SofortBanking
  • Cash on Delivery (only to certain countries)
  • Paying by card or cash at our showroom



What warranty will I get with my watch?
We're an authorised dealer of our brands. That means your watch will come with the brand's international warranty. As a business we offer a 2 year warranty on all of our watches. This may coincide with the manufacturer's warranty, but you will always be covered.
Warranty is limited to mechanical parts and parts with a longer life expectancy. Parts that are exposed to wear and tear, or that expire, are not covered by our warranty. This concerns (but is not limited to): straps/bracelets, glass, battery and any damage caused by falling/dropping or other external influences. 

I've received the watch, but I don't like it. Can I send it back?
We offer an evaluation period of 14 days (after receiving the watch). We do stress that the watch needs to be in 'brand new' condition and that all labels, tags and protective foils still need to be in place (if applicable). 
If you want to return the watch, please contact us before doing so, so we can send you our return shipping form and return address. Also, when you do send the watch back it's important to save your proof of shipping (tracking code) until the package has been delivered. When you return a watch you will be responsible for the shipping costs back to us.

My watch has a problem.
We've got you covered! We can submit your watch for repair to the official service centers to ensure your watch is repaired properly and to the brand's standards. We are watch enthusiasts ourselves, so we understand that it's frustrating to have to be without your watch for an elongated period of time. This is why we do our best to keep you up to date on the repair process. 
We also have a certified watchmaker in-house so we are generally able to help you with watches that are outside of the warranty period (of course costs will apply outside of the warranty problem). 



How do I know you are a legitimate business?
We are a legitimate business based in the Netherlands. We are registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. You can find us on their website here. We have been in the watch business since 2011 and have tens of thousands of satisfied customers. 

Are you an official/authorised dealer?
Yes, we are authorised dealers of all our brands (unless otherwise noted), with access to certified service centers. Should any problems arise with your watch, it will be in good hands.
This also means we get everything directly from the manufacturer and that there are no warranty issues. 

Is it possible for me to view the watch before ordering?
This is possible as we have a showroom. However, as we are based in the Netherlands, this might be difficult for you, which is why we have added short video clips of all of our watches. If you have any requests for videos or pictures please do not hesitate to contact us. Furtermore if you want to visit us, contact us before you go by our address, as we keep our stock in a secure location.

Does in stock mean you actually have the watch in stock?
Yes. We do not sell anything we do not have in stock ourselves (should anything be sold out, it will be clearly mentioned in the watch details). Should there be a situation where 2 people order a watch at the same time and it should be the last model we have in stock you will be contacted as soon as possible, so we can discuss the best solution. 

Can you also order models that aren't listed on your site for me?
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a watch that we currently don't have in our collection and we will do our best to arrange this model for you.



I have seen watch AA000001A for a lower price somewhere else! Serious Prices?
In today's global market there are several suppliers selling similar products. We try to offer low rates. That's why we have our Serious Price service. Should there be a competitor (official dealers within Europe) that offers a watch for a lower price under similar conditions, we will match their price! Just contact us with a link to their store. Our only conditions are: the price must include VAT (within the EU), shipping costs and the watch needs to come with a 2 year warranty and with all the accessories such as the box and manual.

What's the difference between mineral glass (convex) and sapphire glass?
In general sapphire is considered to be superior. It's very difficult to scratch and it's a lot harder. The biggest downside of sapphire glass is that forceful impacts (for example dropping it on the floor) can cause the glass to shatter. 
Mineral glass won't shatter as easily as sapphire, but it does tend to be easier to scratch and chip. This doesn't mean that with normal use it will become covered in scratches, but an accident with a screwdriver will quite possibly leave a mark. 

Orient has different model lines (3 star, Orient, Orient Star and Royal Orient), what are the differences?
3 star is the export line, which includes some of the less expensive models. Orient is the regular line with a wide range of models. 
Orient Star and Royal Orient are the luxury lines, of which the latter is the absolute top. Both in quality and price. A Royal Orient usually starts in the 4 digits, but the quality matches that of high and Swiss brands and for example Grand Seiko.

Can you get JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) models or Orient watches starting with 'WZ'?
Any Orient model number that starts with ‘WZ’ is JDM, or in normal English: meant for the Japanese Domestic Market. That means Orient makes these models solely for the Japan market and refuses to distribute them outside of there. Any dealers that you see stocking them are either from Japan or obtain them through grey market dealers in Japan. The Star that are available internationally you can find here. We can't supply JDM models, unfortunately. 

How do Orient model names work?
An Orient type code always consists of 8 characters, where every symbol (or combination) has a specific meaning. For example: FD0F003W. FD is the movement type, 0F the type of case, 003 for the combination of case, dial and band. The last letter is the colour of the dial. Orient sometimes attaches a letter before the model name. This letter symbolises the region. So the FD0F003W can be known as FFD0F003W, CFD0F003W, SFD0F003W or just FD0F003W. All this model names mean the same watch model and there is absolutely no difference. On the official Orient site, all the models are listed without the first letter.

What are the different water resistance classes?
Orient has 5 different categories. Below is an overview:
0 M: this watch is not water resistant at all. You should not wear this watch in the shower, and you should be careful during rainfall and washing your hands.
30 meters: this watch is suitable for most daily activities, like washing your hands and rainfall. You should try to prevent any major exposure to water though, including showering. 
50 meters: this watch is suitable for all daily activities, including showering, normal swimming and washing your car. 
100-200 meters: this watch is suitable for all of the above, but also for diving without a tank. 
300+ meters: this watch is suitable for anything you can throw at it, including diving (with a tank). 
Regardless of the resistance you should never operate the crown or the buttons while the watch is exposed to water. Furthermore you should always make sure the crown is fastened properly before exposing the watch to water. If you require any advice, including whether your watch of choice is suitable for any given activity, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

I have another question.
Get in touch with us. Our contact information is on the 'Contact' page.