Key points

Every business has a certain philosophy. Ours is that we love watches. We started our business out of passion for timepieces and because of that we try to go beyond regular customer service. To illustrate, we have several key points: 

  • Only genuine and authentic products
  • We are authorised dealers of our brands so we only get our watches through the official distributors or the brands themselves.

  • Good information and transparancy
  • We try to give as much information about watches as we can. That's why over 99% of our watches have a YouTube video, which shows us handling the watch and showing it from all angles. If you want a picture from a certain angle - no problem at all! We have all watches on our site in stock (unless stated otherwise on the product page), so taking a picture for you, is no problem at all (as long as it's during business hours on business days, because of access to our stock).

  • Quick and free shipping
  • The shipping is on us. The price you see on our site is the price you pay to get the watch delivered to your doorstep. Every business day we ship out orders, so if you place your order before 3PM (CET or CEST), yours will be picked up by our courier. At the end of the day you'll receive the tracking code by e-mail.

  • Fast and professional customer service
  • We're available 7 days a week to answer questions, by phone (+31(0)512-202016) or by e-mail ( During regular hours we always reply within several hours, sometimes within minutes.
  • Serious Prices
  • If you find a watch for sale with another authorised dealer within Europe, we'll match that price - no questions asked. Our only conditions:
  • The seller is an authorised dealer (so no grey market dealer with inferior warranty conditions)
  • It has to be within Europe, because of VAT regulations
  • We do take shipping costs into account, as shipping is always free with SeriousWatches