Serious News - Black Friday

November 4th 2021 - Black Friday

Black Friday is coming! From November 26th until Monday the 29th we will have our biggest sale of the year. There's a few things that are good to know:

*If you're signed up to our newsletter, we will send a sneak peek to you a day in advance, so you can see which models will go on sale and prepare accordingly. The newsletter is always the best way to be in the loop about the sales!

*If you've ordered a watch from in the month of November and it goes on sale, we've got you covered! Just send us a message and we will issue you a store credit for the difference. So you can safely place your order during the month of November, without having to worry! 


July 1st 2021 - VAT Changes in the European Union

Starting July 1st new VAT regulations have come into effect in the European Union. If you live in a country that is not part of the EU, this will not affect you and the VAT is still deducted during checkout. 

The European Union has made some changes with how VAT is handled with trade between countries. Prior to July 1st 2021 our local VAT (21% in the Netherlands) would be applied to every purchase within the European Union. Whether the order would be shipped to Germany, Belgium or Ireland, the price would be the same. 

Since July 1st we are however legally forced to charge your local VAT percentage. This percentage can differ per country and you can find a full list here. As a business we will pay your local VAT and this tax is submitted to your country's tax agency. 

How will you notice this? If your country's VAT percentage is 21% then you will not notice anything and you will pay the price as listed on our website. If your local VAT percentage is different then the price will change accordingly during checkout. The price excluding VAT will remain the same, but the added tax will change the total sum. 


Your local VAT % Price on our site  Price excluding VAT Price at checkout
21% €100 €82.64 €100
18% €100 €82.64 €97.52
19% €100 €82.64 €98.34
20% €100 €82.64 €99.17
22% €100 €82.64 €100.82
23% €100 €82.64 €101.65
25% €100 €82.64 €103.30
27% €100 €82.64 €104.95


You may have seen the same thing happening when you order from sites like Amazon and you will see it a lot more often in the European Union. We will not be earning a penny more on your order, but solely pay more (or less) taxes to your government. 

We fully realise this is a confusing change. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in any way or to help clarify. 


COVID almost feels like it's the normal and as a business we've adopted in the way we work as well. We currently experience no impact on our business operations and all orders are sent out on time. 

As a business the last thing we want to do is try and use this as a marketing opportunity. However we are getting a lot of enquiries of a practical nature, such as 'are you still open?' or 'can I expect my order to be delivered on time?'. We do want to address these points, as we strive to give the best possible service at all times. 

  • We are still open 7 days a week. 
  • All orders placed (and paid) before 15:00 on a business day will still be sent out on the same day. 
  • UPS is still making deliveries around the world and there's very few areas where they are unable to make deliveries. You can see their service announcements here. Delays are more common however, especially in areas suffering from COVID-related lockdowns.
  • Our showroom is closed until further notice, so we are unable to receive you to view watches in person. 
  • We are extending the 2 week return period for orders. Normally you have 14 days to return a watch if you don't like it. We are now allowing returns to be made as long as you notify us within 4 weeks (we understand that if you are affected by Corona the last thing you need to worry about is the return period for a watch!). 
  • We are seeing more delays in transit than usual due to the lockdowns across the world. We apologise for any delays. 
  • We are shipping to the United Kingdom.  From January 1st the UK has completely left the European Union, which means that for tax reasons it's similar to Norway and Switzerland. If you are from the UK, the VAT will be deducted during checkout, however you may be charged at your local customs. We highly recommend checking with your local customs about any taxes/duties/fees. 

Our team is strictly following all health and safety regulations and we are communicating with UPS and other couriers and partners on a daily basis. Even though there is no evidence to suggest packages (or watches) may spread Corona, we are taking extra measures and your watch will only be handled with gloves which are disposed after each order and our warehouse staff works at least 6 feet apart. 

We hope that we can be of service to you and please don't hesitate to contact us if there's any way we can assist or if you have any questions or concerns.