Service & Warranty

Service terms and conditions
SeriousWatches is an authorised dealer of every brand for sale on our website. Buying from an authorised dealer comes with some very important benefits. The most important benefit is the warranty. All our watches come with 2 years warranty, which means that if you experience any issues with your watch within those 2 years, we will take care of it for you free of charge. Another benefit that comes with buying from an authorised dealer is that we have access to the official service centers, where only original parts are used and the watchmakers and qualified and experienced with your type of watch. Even if after the 2 years warranty period of your watch has expired, you can always come to us for service. You can always reach out to us at any time, and we will do our very best to help you with your requests. The most important thing to us is that you are happy with your new watch, and we want you to be able to love it for years to come. On this page you can get a better view of what our service proces looks like.
What do I have to do to have my product repaired?
Send us an e-mail or register your repairs via the online our Service Form.
  • Prepare your product for the return trip:
  • Pack the product well. If you can, use the original packaging.
  •  Put your shipping label on the box, in case we provided a UPS label (on request) you can simply print the label and put in on the box. Or ship the watch to us with a courier of your choice. 
  •  Send the package of to us, sit back and keep an eye on your e-mail inbox for an e-mail from us to confirm reciept (please make sure to check your spam filter).
How should I pack up my product to get it repaired?
Please use a sturdy box. This doesn't have to be the original packaging. You can often get a free box at the supermarket, maybe you still have a box from an online purchase or you can even buy a box at the post office. Please make sure to protect your watch for transit. Please be sure to include your warranty card or booklet and please remember to include the service number assigned in e-mail, this will speed up the service process.
How do I register my repair online?
You can do this easily and quickly by filling in our online Service Form.
What are the repair conditions?
You can turn to us for your repair both inside and outside the factory warranty. Once your warranty expires, you have to pay for the repair. Did your product break with normal use and within the two year warranty period? In that case, it's usually a manufacturing defect and the repair is completely free of charge. You can also ask us to repair products outside of the two year factory warranty. You will have to pay for those repairs, though. Our watchmaker or the brand specific service centre will examine your product and make a quote. Based on that, you can choose whether you want your product repaired or not. You can easily and quickly register the repair yourself via the online service form. The Service departement will then contact you and continue communications.


How long do repairs take?
That differs per product and problem. We'll send you an update about your repair at least once every two weeks. When servicing has been completed, we will let you know right away.
Why did I receive a quote?
You will receive a quote if the service centre has determined that the defect was caused by user damage. If this is the case you can choose from 2 options:
 1: You agree to the quote. The product will be repaired.
 2: You don't agree to the quote. You will recieve your product back, shipping costs will be for you.
What is the status of my repair?
We will keep you informed via email at least once every two weeks. If there is an update in status of your repair before that time, you will also recieve an e-mail from us as soon as we have news.
Are repairs always free?
If your product breaks within the warranty period and it's a manufacturing defect, the repairs are completely free. Even if the defect is your own fault, we can help you. You will usually have to pay if this is case, though. We can't indicate the costs in advance as it needs to be detirmined by a watchmaker. We (or the brand specific service centre) will examine your product, make a quote, and wait for your decision before we start the repair. You can register the repair easily and quickly via our Service Form.
Can I order a strap/part for my watch?
In the case that you may need a new strap for your watch or a repair part, such as a crown or a bezel, you can always reach out to us. We may not always be able to get what you are looking for but we will always do our best to try and source it. You can put in a request for watch parts and straps easily and quickly via our Parts Request Form.