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Yakov Shvartz
Yakov Shvartz

July 12, 2020

It is so refreshing to see a genuine, free of marketing mannerism, presentation. Just like your previous video, both really impressed me with their natural and general positive vibe. You talked about not really needing a watch nowadays and that watches are mainly to be enjoyed and not regarded as an investment.
I am very happy with my micro brand watch I’ve recently bought from you (I might upload a video review someday). No way this was a good investment, but I enjoy the watch, especially after pairing it with a midnight blue silicone strap and after being able to regulate it to only gain about 2 seconds a day. I might even buy a timegrapher and further improve the timings. That would be another wise “investment” ;-)
I wish you all the best and continued success. Good service (and people) should be rewarded with more business.
Take care,

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