March 31, 2023

New SeriousWatches Limited Edition

Waffle wrist shot

With great pride we present to you: The SeriousWaffle Watch 2.0. This limited edition watch embraces the soul of SeriousWatches very well, by combining a less is more design, with practicality and a very high quality level. This watch will without a doubt be the sweetest piece in your collection.

Now, we realise innovation can be scary or daunting at first, so we have created a FAQ to help explain our revolutionary new product.


Why 2.0?

1.0 was unfortunately consumed during testing off the coast of Tonga



Yes! To 999 pieces / 176 calories



Many celebrities have expressed interest:

Dolly: I'd work 8 to 6 for this watch.

Johnny: I want to be wafflehand, so this watch is the next best thing. I am wafflewatchhands.

Ozzy: I used to bite heads off of bats. The waffle 2.0 cured that necessity.

Jay: I got 99 watches but the waffle watch ain't one.

Tony: I would drop a baby for this watch.


Please note that most of these celebrities actually blocked us on Instagram upon contact or showing up at their house. This is how we expect their response to be when they hear our pitch


Has the watch been to space?

Let us put it this way: NASA has expressed interest in doing a limited edition of our limited edition. Talent recognises talent. A plastic homage version at a lower cost is also being planned by another company.

Please note NASA hasn't yet actually expressed interest in doing this. But they will!

 Spavce waffles


We expect to release a ISO 6425 compliant model within 6 months. The DeepWaffle Pro with consumable lume and unique patented consumption extension clasp


How do you tell the time:

A broken clock is right twice a day. The waffle watch correctly shows that it's waffle time all the time. So this watch is better than a broken Nautilus.


How about allergies?

What about them?


Water resistant?



What kind of movement?

The watch features our in-house cal. ID10T movement.


Quartz or mechanical?



Where is this watch made?

The watch is proudly designed in China, made in California


Who is this watch for?

Not for you. You merely look after it for the next craving.



Already we've been awarded the prestigious 'Red dots the doctor tells you not to worry about' award for the best consumable watch.

We're confident more will follow soon upon release.


Thank you so much for reading and we hope that you are as excited as we are. You can find this amazing new model on our website here. We expect stock, once available, to sell out in seconds!


But wait, there's one more thing, right?

Oh yes, we nearly forgot. There is one more thing. We will have an amazing Zelos limited edition coming in April. The Zelos Hammerhead V3 Titanium SW Limited Edition!

Zelos Hammerhead SW Limited Edition

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